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Everyone wants a great looking website, but often clients haven’t given a lot of thought about what their site should do. And, unlike the movie “Field of Dreams”, if you build it visitors won’t necessarily come. Why stare at a silent telephone? Let’s get to work!

Put Your Website to Work

Online, winners have a strategy; Everyone else gets left behind.

A SOLID website strategy is tuned to identify your target audience, generate organic traffic from search engines (not paid clicks), and produce qualified leads for your business. When your site is geared specifically for your industry, it will rank appropriately with the search engines, and leapfrog you over the competition.

A SOLID website strategy puts your website to work, representing you, your services and engaging customers like a true sales professional.

Put your website to work

Who Is Your Perfect Client?

Online visitors will be some of your most savvy customers.

When designing a website, it’s not realistic to assume a crowd of perfect business clients will rush to your site. Online visitors will be some of your most savvy customers. A generic sales pitch will be a big turn off. In reality, you’ll have to spend time researching and identifying your website audience.

Once we develop a customer profile, we’ll need to understand their needs. Only then can we create content and images that uncovers their pain, sets their expectations, and builds the confidence to do business with you.

Who Is Your Perfect Client

Build Your Best Representative

A winning website interacts with visitors the way you would.

When was the last time you picked up a dusty old brochure, became excited and bought something? Or even worse, have you ever wanted to do business with an aggressive rookie sales rep throwing out business cards? A poorly designed, out-of-date website looks lazy.

Once you’ve spent the time and money to build your site and attract your text-book customer, what then? Well, let’s close the deal! Today’s winning websites have the design, content and features that engage visitors, encourages them to ask questions and is interactive. SOLID founder Jamie Foster spent over 25 years representing high tech companies, developing creative solutions and growing client relationships. His experience and passion for developing great user experiences drives the SOLID strategy and consulting process. Every SOLID website project is guided by Jamie and his team of industry professionals with the goal of building an online representation of your business’ best representative; You.

Build Your Best Representative

Continuing the Conversation

Nurturing a business relationship takes time and effort.

At SOLID, we encourage our clients to open up their client conversations through blogging, social media and email marketing. Nurturing a business relationship takes time. But, when your clients hear from you regularly, you have the opportunity to grown the relationship and catch little problems before they become big ones. Not only will this help you find and keep customers, but it sends a strong message to the search engines like Google about why you should be ranked #1.

Not a writer? Not a problem. While the wording and style of a whitepaper case study needs to be different from a Facebook post, they are all conversations you have had a million times. You know what to say to customers are at different phases of the sales process. A SOLID content strategy will help you say the right thing, at the right time, over the appropriate online channel.

Continuing the Conversation

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