We are SOLID Web Service.

SOLID Web Service started with a simple idea: create a professional web design company that builds effective websites, with pricing structures that can work for any serious business.

Our process begins by first understanding you, your customers, and how the web can help your business grow. Our team of professional designers, developers and content specialists will work with you to build a customized site to work according to your strategy.

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The SOLID Team is a coalition of website designers, programmers, photographers and writers. From our first meetings with the client, through the production process, and into the daily care and feeding of the site, our team is committed to producing and supporting a website that you will be proud to share with the world.

Strategy & Consulting

We build a digital strategy for the aspects of your business that give you a competitive advantage. Our goal - To make your website your strongest advantage!

Design & Development

Web designers are the architects of the web. Developers are the technical builders. We collaborate with you to extract your preferences and blend them with today's best practices.

Creative Evolution

We bring your ideas to life by creating content for blogs, email marketing, images, videos and graphics. We give them the ultimate test out in the real world. Adjustments are made, progress is measured and goals are achieved!

Digital Marketing

Your website is the beacon. We point the light to attract the right attention. Then we tell them your story, together.

How we work.

SOLID uses a step-by-step process built upon a wide range of best practices (and years of mistakes), to take the madness out of the website design, development and growth process.

1To build a site that accurately reflects the client's image and what they do, we have to get to know them. The client brings their business objectives to the table. The SOLID TEAM responds with a strategy to meet those objectives. The audience is identified. A content strategy is developed. A data flow is sketched out. Then we figure out how long the project should take, and what it will cost. The details are documented, and the plan comes together.

2The Plan developed in Step 1 is then broken down into objectives, tasks and milestones. These measurables are plugged into our project management software packages Basecamp and TeamGantt.
We use these tools to determine who will do what by when. They are also used to share and organize files, track deadlines, and give the client and Team members the ability to check-in, and make sure the project stays on track.

3 Together, the client and SOLID will complete a process to extract the clients' preferences and guide the designers. A wireframe sketch will describe the architecture of the site, as well as the user experience. It's all map and functionality, with no aesthetics.
Decisions for colors, shapes, fonts, look and feel are made with style tiles - virtual "paint chips" and "fabric swatches". Finally, the perfect design is plugged into the SOLID process!