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Everyone wants a great looking website. But not everyone understands how to put their website to work. At SOLID, we think of your website as a beacon. Our digital marketing services attract the attention of the right audience. Once you’re in the spotlight, we tell your story with captivating, creative content.

Optimizing for Discovery & Conversion

Introduce yourself to the Search Engines so they can bring business to you.

Our experience shows (and industry research confirms) websites that generate fresh, relevant, mobile-friendly content outperform those that don’t. In today’s SEO, fresh content that speaks to your value proposition is far more effective than expensive Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaigns or outdated, toxic link-buying tactics. SOLID’s Digital Marketing services develop balanced strategies of inbound and outbound marketing, tested with industry leading SEO software. We want to ensure that you’re not only maximizing traffic, but also converting visitors into customers.

SEO Keyword Density, Placement & Position
Keywords where Google looks!
Content Really Counts
300+ words to rank well.
Flesch Reading Ease Test
Grade your content.
Control the Flow of Info
Lead search engines to your site.

SOLID PowerListing Service

Control the flow of information about your business to Search Engines, Publishers & Directories.

Visitors use search engines to find websites. Successful businesses tell the search engines who they are and which visitors to bring to their site.Once visitors are in the website, you’ll want to make a great first impression and give them a reason to engage with you.

Unfortunately, business owners are often disheartened with the way their business and locations appear in search results. More often than not, out-of-date or wrong information shows up.

With SOLID’s PowerListing Service, you now have the power to control how your business is listed across over 50 of the most popular Search Engines and Local Directory listings. The SOLID PowerListing Service controls the flow of information to Search Engines, online publishers and directories, including ground-level SEO services like:

  • Claim Local Listings

    Claiming local listings verifies you as a valid business on the web. Provide your core business details (name, address, phone, website) identically on every listing.

  • Submit Site to Search Engines

    Jump start the process of having your site ranked with the search engines by submitting your site.

  • Directory & Publisher Listings

    Control how your business appears across more than 50 business directories, publishers and search engines with SOLID’s PowerListing Service.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaigns can be hard to understand, that’s why most website companies push them so hard. They get the easy, early money, then walk away when it doesn’t work long-term.
However, the “O” in SEO stands for “Optimization”. You’ve got to tell the search engines what you do, in the terms your customers will use, not industry jargon. Only then will the search engines start bringing visitors to your site. Once you’ve made a connection, you’ll need to stay in touch and develop a lasting relationship.

Before we started working with SOLID, our online image was inconsistent at best. After launching our SOLID website and Power Listing Service, not only does our site look great, but we dominate page 1 of Google in our industry!

— Shawn Brown, B&M Metal Doors & Frames

Continuing the Conversation

Once you’ve made a connection, you’ll need to stay in touch and develop a lasting relationship.

At SOLID, we encourage our clients to engage the prospective and current customers in conversations through blogging, social media and email marketing.

Nurturing a business relationship takes time. But, when your clients hear from you regularly, you have the opportunity to grown the relationship and catch little problems before they become big ones. Not only will this help you find and keep customers, but it sends a strong message to the search engines like Google about why you should be ranked #1.

Not a writer? Not a problem. While the wording and style of a whitepaper case study needs to be different from a Facebook post, they are all conversations you’ve have a million times. You know what to say to customers are at different phases of the sales process. A SOLID content strategy will help you say the right thing, at the right time, over the appropriate online channel.

My marketing tagline is “You Can Keep Up With JONES!”
However, my old website was falling behind. With my SOLID website, I’m able to publish new, timely information about the latest advances in physical therapy. We can now show prospective patients services we offer that often aren’t available with my competitors.

— Paul Jones, Jones Physical Therapy

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