Website Images – Do They Tell A Story?

What Story Do Your Images Tell?

The SOLID Web Service Team recently completed a photo shoot as part of the creative process for a client. As Abby climbed all over the office, set (and reset) her mounds of expensive equipment, the client saw firsthand exactly what it takes to capture the perfect shot.

In the web world, you’ll always hear “Content is King!”, and great content is absolutely essential for a website to be effective. However, it is quality photography that draws in visitors. Technically, images act as counter-weights that balance text, making the content more readable.

The difference between an image, and an effective image, is whether it possess a purpose. Do the images in your website speak to your visitor? Do your pictures tell the non-verbal story of who you are and what you do?

In the website creative process, we often see clients quickly choosing stock images with the idea that they will replace them later. Unfortunately, like most things, that never gets done. Stock images can be bland, and in many cases, make your site (and you) look silly.

However, a great looking website should have a strong balance of text, broken up with graphics (images or video) to keep visitors interested – and the longer they stay, the more likely they will connect with you, your products and services.

If you are curious about different ways your website can attract new business, tell your story, and retain your clients, give us a holla. You deserve a SOLID website.