Leap of Faith – Starting SOLID


Starting SOLID took a big leap of faith for me. I’ve spent the last 25 years working closely with visionaries; helping others realize their business ventures. Those fantastic experiences permitted me to work with brilliant, technical thinkers who were kind enough to explain complex concepts to me like I was a child. Working together we achieved some amazing goals. We had some unbelievable adventures. In another post, I’ll tell you about the time a mentor climbed a fence and fixed Bellsouth’s generator to keep communication (and his business) alive during the chaos of hurricane Katrina. When those businesses hit their apex, and then either sold or changed direction, I described the feeling as having a surprise party at a funeral. “Hurray! We did it! The company sold! Oh wait…Now I have to go get a real job!” But as my luck has it, I’ve always landed squarely in the middle of another opportunity, and a new adventure. After enough friends said, “Look, all I need is a solid website, not all that other stuff,” I chose to make it happen for them. At SOLID, we work with clients in Abita Springs, Covington, Mandeville, Hammond, Slidell, Metairie, Marrero, Kenner and New Orleans. What they all have in common is a need for a personal connection with their website development team. They want someone to listen and really understand their business. It’s like Miss Heather’s quote on the SOLID website, “Take the time to listen (because fools often speak out of place).” A Website Development podcaster said, “Don’t take work from a client you don’t respect. You won’t be able to argue with them.” When you are building a website, there’s nowhere to hide. Ask a client, “why do your customers choose you over your competition?” and get ready to tap into a business owner’s real passion. The challenge is then out of the bottle; translating a bright spark into a functioning website. I love telling stories. And you can ask anyone who knows me, I won’t shy away from telling someone else’ story, if it’s a good one. Story telling is the perfect medium to work through the seemingly overwhelming website production process. If the customers don’t get it, it’s my fault. And it happens. That’s when the SOLID Team and I figure out a reasonable solution, and often come up with yet another analogy; and another great story to tell. The fact that I can make a living using my creativity keeps a smile on my face. I like my clients and remind myself that when they choose to do business with me, they do things like straighten my daughter’s teeth and cover my son’s driving lessons. I really appreciate that! The comedian philosopher Bill Hicks said, “We are the facilitators of our own creative evolution.” And that’s exactly what SOLID is, an opportunity for my clients and me to evolve into our next, better state. If you are re-envisioning your website, give us a call or drop a line. We’d love to talk about it. And we think you’ll agree that everybody deserves a SOLID website.

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