Windshield Flyers – Don’t SPAM Me Bro!

Don’t SPAM Me, Bro!

Leaving a meeting in Mandeville today, I saw what first appeared to be a parking ticket on my windshield.  Anxiety shifted to annoyance as it became clear that I hadn’t been ticketed; I had been SPAMMED.  There it was, old fashioned SPAM, flapping in the breeze.

To the northshore business owner who did this, first let me say, I get it.  You’ve got a young business and you really want people to engage with you.  Unfortunately, what you did was beg local police/building owners/unstable drivers to track you down and ticket/scream/stalk you for littering/solicitation/trespassing.

Next time, before schlepping through a scorching-hot parking lot only to create a blizzard of litter, think of a more creative application for your advertising dollars and effort.

You’ve got a hair salon! Instead of making people want to actively avoid your business, why not create a social media event offering a limited number of FREE SASSY HAIRCUTS for Locks of Love as part of your grand opening?  Maybe draw one lucky Facebook fan to receive free cuts for a year. See how over 61,000 people liked that page?  I doubt your SPAM gets a similar result.

In my opinion, SPAM is lazy and ham-handed.  For other Northshore and New Orleans area business owners who have questions about how you can leverage your advertising dollars, give SOLID a call or drop us an email.  But whatever you do, please don’t put a flyer under our windshields!